Hi, my name is Ralph. I’m working as scientific assistant at the Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI in the Virtual Material Design department. I develop in C, C++ and python, act as scrum master in our team and do the system administration stuff in our department. I studied computer science and wrote my diploma thesis at the Institute for Numerical Simulation, Bonn.

Besides working I’m into photography (see nachtling.com), basketball, scuba diving, cooking (also cold and raw) and sometimes role-playing. I operate servers for fun, for example this one here, where redimp.de is running. I also program things that have nothing to do with numerics - admittedly not many at the moment.

I like gaming very much. Currently I’m focusing on Mechwarrior Online, where I play in the competetive Team of the 31st Hussar Regiment.

Technical stuff

This blog is running on Hugo, the template is based upon Hyde. I switched from wordpress to this open-source static site generator.

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