Hi, my name is Ralph. I’m working as DevOps engineer at CrowdStrike.

I studied computer science and wrote my diploma thesis at the Institute for Numerical Simulation, Bonn and worked as scientific assistant at the Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI in the Virtual Material Design department for eleven years and three years as deputy head of IT.

I left public service and research and now work as a DevOps Engineer in the private sector.

Besides working I’m into photography (see nachtling.com), basketball, scuba diving, cooking (also cold and raw) and sometimes role-playing (Shadowrun, GURPS and DnD5E).

Currently I’m developing An Otter Wiki. It’s supposed to be lightweight and minimal but functional.

Although I don’t play the game anymore, I maintain some services for the Mechwarrior Online community:

I used to play in the competetive Team of the “31st Hussar Regiment”.

Technical stuff

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