Hussars Solaris League

TL:DR; I wrote a tool for maintaining a 1 vs 1 league in Mechwarrior Online.

Screen shot of the league scoreboard.

My clan, the 31st Hussar Regiment, runs the second season of an internal 1 vs 1 league. The last season was organized using google spread sheets and a lot of manual work. This season Divisibility1, pabscht and me are running the league. So I decided to write a little tool, which makes the league easier. Player can sign up, choose their pool of mechs, see the upcoming matches and opponemnts, and set up the games according to the rules of the league. The web application is written in python, using the micro framework flask. You can find it on github:

  1. Please try to pronounce that name aloud. And drunk. ↩︎