Blog Updated To Hugo

I updated the blog. That includes that I switched the software that runs it to a static generator. I was sick of fighting spam that occured on my wordpress based blog. After considering various static site generators, I decided to use Hugo. The template I based this theme on, I based upon Hyde for hugo, which is a port from Hyde for Jekyll. To test if i like the software and the design, I transfered some of the old postings to this blog.

Environment Module Files

TL:DR; A howto on environment modules files, for maintaining software along with the packages provided by your distribution.

Sankt Martin vs Halloween

Im November, genauer rund um den Martinstag, ziehen (mindestens) im Rheinland jedes Jahr wieder Kinder um die Häuser, um mittels Gesang Kram zu erbetteln erbitten erpressen. Das ganze nennt sich Martinssingen.